Here you’ll find information about what to expect from Aroha Midwives and lots of helpful information about your pregnancy, birth and post-natal care.

What services do Aroha Midwives offer?

  • Professional care throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth plus regular postnatal home visits for 4 to 6 weeks after your baby is born.

  • Prescriptions for your pregnancy, and contraception options afterwards.

  • Ordering of blood and urine tests & ultrasounds, interpreting results and keeping you updated.

  • Information and resources to help you make choices for your pregnancy and a birth plan.

  • Referral to other health care practitioners, medical specialists and support agencies if your pregnancy, birth or postnatal period becomes complicated. We are “on-call 24/7” for labour, birth and urgent midwifery care. Note: we are not on call 24/7 to answer non-urgent matters e.g prescriptions, change of appointments, non-urgent questions.

  • All of your care is fully funded by the Ministry of Health if you are a NZ citizen, resident or have a work visa. During your pregnancy you may need to pay for services and surcharges such as prescriptions, ultrasound scans, childbirth education classes and optional tests at private laboratories.