Our Philosophy

Aroha encompasses the breath of life and knows that the universe is abundant. Aroha draws out the best in people and encourages generosity.

Support, empathy, kindness, integrity and reciprocity are the fundamental core beliefs of Aroha Midwives.

Fundamentals Of Care

Pregnancy is a special part of a woman’s life and most women can and will give birth without complications or interventions. We encourage low-risk women to plan to birth in a local primary maternity unit because research shows that when well women birth in an environment that supports and protects normal birth they have better outcomes.

The progression of pregnancy and birth are natural processes. We have a responsibility not to interfere with the natural physiological process unless there is a medical indication.

Most women experiencing a normal labour are able to give birth without the use of pharmaceutical drugs, but if your labour is abnormal or complicated we will discuss all the options that are available.

We have the skills required to undertake all aspects of primary midwifery care, including the management of emergency situations. If during your pregnancy or birth you require additional medical care we will arrange this for you and continue providing care and support where possible.

Breastfeeding has many benefits for both mother and baby. We will support you in beginning your breastfeeding journey. However, if this is not the right choice for you or your baby then we can discuss your options and support you with alternatives.

Midwives and women should work in partnership, with women as active participants in their care planning. Our practice is based on research and the principles of informed choice and consent and will assist you in your decision-making. We will respect and support your decisions. There are of course limits to safe practice and as responsible care providers we will advise you if these limits are reached.